Thursday Morning


I’m a bit of a sucker for new computer gadgets and new computer technology whenever new stuff is introduced.  Some people like new cars and really should avoid the dealer showrooms.  Me?  I really need to stay out of Best Buy, the Apple Store and away from the Verizon store as well.  I go in and think “Ooooooo!  Lookee here!  Shiny!  I need me one of these!”  Yeh, I need to stay away and quit feeding my addiction.  I need to stay off the camera lens sites while I’m at it.

Take for example an Ellipsis 7 tablet that I got at the Verizon store about two years ago.  I got it because I was having connectivity issues between my iPad and my iPhone 5.  Little did I know that Apple would fix the Bluetooth problems but I didn’t know it at the time.  So I picked up the Ellipsis as the problem solver.  It worked OK but it never seemed to work like it was intended to work plus I got all the problems with the iPad resolved.  So, I kept it around as a backup for whenever I forgot my iPhone.

So I was messing around with it this morning (because someone forgot their iPhone … again) and I decided to click on that reset button in the OS.  And it whirled and made beeping sounds as it erased what was on it and then reinstalling everything and the next think I know … VOILA’ … everything is working the way that it’s supposed to be working … I think.

Now, do I keep it when the contract runs out next month or what?