Monday Morning


My Grandma always used to tell us boys to bring her back some Blue Gill for her garden.  That was easy enough to do since it was southern Iowa and Blue Gill were in almost every pond that we fished at.  So we would bring back a mess of fish for her and she would work them into her garden … which grew like hell with the fish added to the soil.

I don’t have any fishing equipment since I gave all that I had lock, stock and barrel to my nephew.  So at the end of the day, I ended up buying this stuff to mix with a gallon of water to fed my lilies, my Hyacinths and some of my vegetable garden plants.  It’s all organic and is supposed to be good for the plants growth.  All I’ve got to say is …


Stand up wind when you mix this stuff with water.  This stuff would knock the stink off of a skunk at 100 yards.  I sure hope it works as well as it’s supposed to work.  In the meanwhile, I’m keeping that bottle sealed and in a well ventilated area.

June 6th


What got to me were the white marble crosses and Stars of David.  There were thousands of them.  Each one was a life and was someone’s son or brother or husband or father or cousin.  The cool, grey and rainy morning made me wonder if it was the type of weather that they last knew.  I was standing in the presence of great men and I felt small in comparison.