Sunday Morning


Two yard chores done this morning with three more to go.  Unfortunately, it calls for a dreaded trip to one of the Walmarts in the area in order to pick up what I need.  Ugh!  I really hate going to Walmart.  They used to be so clean and so well organized and so well stocked and you could actually find someone there to help you if you needed some help.  Nowadays they could care less if you’re there or not, the stores are dirty, they’re disorganized and they’ve become the replacement to KMart.

Sam Walton has to be turning over in his grave.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. I wish K-Mart could make a comeback. Maybe reduce the size of their stores. Walmart has become a massive ordeal which I am not a fan of going through. I get my prescriptions from there though.

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