Friday Evening


I sit here listening to it trying to rain outside.  There’s a brief burst and then silence and then another brief burst and silence again.  A gust of wind passes through the trees outside and then a steady rain starts to fall.  You can smell it in the cool evening air.  You can hear the cars splashing through the water on the streets as they go in their way and every now and then a jet flies overhead as it’s on its way into MSP.

These used to be the type of nights where I’d have a lit cigarette in one hand and a double shot on ice sitting on the table in front of me with some strains of music filling in the background.  The smoke would look blue to me as slowly rose in subdued lighting while I sat alone deep in some thoughts.  It was peaceful and quieting then just like it is now as I would sit, listen and watch it rain outside.

I’m OK with it raining like this in the dark of night.

Five for Friday


1. I think my MacBook is on it’s last legs and may be taking the ol’ schnitzola here fairly soon.  I got the three beeps once again this morning.  I had to schedule an appointment with Apple anywho because my keyboard won’t light up, so I’ll add this to the list.  It’s time to save what I want saved and start thinking about its replacement.

2. Damn squirrels have been digging in my new mulch already.  They’ll be taking the ol’ schnitzola if I catch them.

3. I’m so work unmotivated for a Friday.  I’m just gonna have to suck it up and dig in here fairly soon.

4. My work laptop will now initially displays a new IE page at 219%.  OK, my eyes aren’t that good but they’re not that bad either.  Thanks IT for yet another screwing update to my system!

5. Maybe tomorrow is a good day to try out a new recipe.  It’s supposed to be raining anywho, so maybe being stuck indoors will be a bit more tolerable.