Random Thoughts for Thursday


One of the best parts of today was watching the workday come to an end.  I was in such a hurry to get out of there this afternoon that I completely forgot my train pass and building key card.  That meant a walk back to whence I came to retrieve them.  Fortunately I did not miss my usual train for home and all that it did cost me was some extra steps.  The extra steps are not something to fret over since I can use the extra exercise.

This was a good night for some Mexican food.  It was good food, a good atmosphere and I really like the staff; but it’s not Tex-Mex from Texas.  No complaints tho.  It still ate good.

I did my fertilizing of my tomato and pepper plants after I got home.  I was really, really pleased with how well the straw kept the moisture in the tomato and pepper bed.  The dirt was moist and black and felt great to work with.  The same for my pumpkin bed.  I finished up and covered up as much as a could.  We’ll put some more wet straw down on the beds this weekend to finish these up.  I have high hopes for those warm days come July and August.

The other yard project is going to wait until my store of dreams has mulch on sale once again.  It’s too pricey for me right now.

Maybe I can get out and take some pics this weekend.  I’d love to find some small farm town that’s drying up or an abandoned farm house with some old rusty equipment nearby.  I think it would make for some interesting shots.

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