Month: June 2016

I was asked today what my Myers-Briggs type was …

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I responded “Red but  a Riesling will do nicely.”  Goofy ass people think I can’t pick up on their trick questions.  We’ll see who wins in the end.  I only look dumb.


Thursday Morning

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So I was driving to the train station this morning so I could do my daily commute into Minneapolis.  And I was thinking while I was driving along …

I wonder how many wooly mammoths mooshed a caveman into the ground cuz he was poking at him with a pointy stick?

Then I got to wondering …

“Did they have cave woman beauty pageants back in the day?”

Then I got to thinking …

What did a caveman win if he won the lotto?  A sack full of rocks?”

Then I began to wonder why I was left alone without any adult supervision.


Feel free to comment or share some weird morning thoughts if you like.  We don’t judge.  We’ll just have a good laugh.

A quote for Thursday

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Wednesday Night

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The day lilies that I planted last year are finally developing flowers.  There’s gonna be some really awesome colour in the back once all of the blooms open and start to fill the box.

Just so you know …

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