I was asked today what my Myers-Briggs type was …


I responded “Red but  a Riesling will do nicely.”  Goofy ass people think I can’t pick up on their trick questions.  We’ll see who wins in the end.  I only look dumb.


Thursday Morning


So I was driving to the train station this morning so I could do my daily commute into Minneapolis.  And I was thinking while I was driving along …

I wonder how many wooly mammoths mooshed a caveman into the ground cuz he was poking at him with a pointy stick?

Then I got to wondering …

“Did they have cave woman beauty pageants back in the day?”

Then I got to thinking …

What did a caveman win if he won the lotto?  A sack full of rocks?”

Then I began to wonder why I was left alone without any adult supervision.


Feel free to comment or share some weird morning thoughts if you like.  We don’t judge.  We’ll just have a good laugh.

Hump Day morning


I think I need to pack my old camera in my bag on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  It’s compact enough and it’s sitting around idled anywho.  Now I just have to see if there’s a cable that I can use to connect it to my iPad.  I’ll have to do a little research on that.

Ziggy’s new stadium has gone up quite nicely and all of the finishing touches on the outside are being worked on or are near completion.  They finally have Chicago Avenue open once again.  Now I wonder if our restaurant on the other side has finally reopened.  I’ll have to take a walk and find out.

Happy Hump Day people!  Somehow “TRY” to behave yourselves … even if behaving is boring as all hell.  Hey!  I behave.  “Badly” is a form of behaving.

Random Thoughts for Tuesday Evening

Its been go, go, go since I got home from work and cores aren’t done at this writing.  I think I’ll just call it quits after watering my flowers out front.

The bunnies cleaned up the last of the pea pods that I put out for them.  They also turned up their noses at the vines that I pulled out of the bed and set up there for them.  Who woulda thunk that one?  Well, they’ll have to figure out something else to eat since I replanted and it’s gonna be 70 days (or hopefully sooner) before my second crop comes in.

I think I’ll put in three new garden beds next year and I think that I figured out their location.  Now the real question is it a smart thing to do?  I think I’m turning into an urban farmer.

A new project is pending delivery of materials.  It will look great once I get it done and save me a boatload of work later on down the road.  I wonder how much weight I’ll lose doing it.

Monday Night


It’s cool out there tonight.  It’s been cool all day now that I think about it.  I picked the last of the peas and surveyed the plants.  No more blossoms and the vines are starting to dry out.  They’re done for this season.  So we took what cold be harvested and pulled the plants.  We’ll do some clean up tomorrow or Wednesday and we’ll replant.  There should be plenty of time left and we should get a second harvest before a killing frost.

It’s kinda funny how I’m thinking that far ahead when summer just started.  It’s funny how I’m thinking about how I need to reorient the trellis’ so the plants get more sunlight.  Maybe I’ll put in a new 8 foot bed next year just for peas and push that angle.  I can reuse the trellis’ so they don’t go to waste.  It’s funny how my Air Force logistics brain thinks that far ahead.