End of May 2016


Another month gone, disappeared, went away, was sucked into the Black Hole, vanished into thin air.  I’m sitting here passing the time away as the sun starts to set in the west.  I’m sore and aching in a number of areas of my body.  One more yard work project done with two more to go.  Now is the time that I wish I had one of them hot tubs with the air jets so their magic fingers could work some magic on me right now.

Maybe I’ll settle for some hot buttered popcorn instead.  I really should check my lotto tickets just in case I hit it big and can afford that luxury in life.  I hit it the other day for $25.  I asked for only big bills when the cashier cashed out that ticket for me.  I felt like Howard Hughes when the bills came siding across the counter.  All I needed at that time to make the moment complete was a private jet.  I settled for a root beer instead.