Sunday Morning


A cool breeze blows through the screen to the deck.  The rain clouds that had crowded the sky earlier this morning are giving way to some blue sky and some sun.  It won’t last long.  There’s a front moving in later today and it’s bringing us some more rain.  All of this rain killed most of my plans for yard work this long weekend which will now more than likely be put off to next weekend.  Maybe my tennis shoes will be dried out by then since they’ve been soaking wet since Friday.

So what do we do in the meanwhile?  I haven’t a clue other than rake up some old mulch out front and maybe the mulch in the rose bed.  Oh yeh, I forgot.  I officially know I’ve been working with roses this season seeing how my arm got all cut up yesterday by some rose thorns.  One would think that I would have figured out by now that I need to wear a long sleeve shirt whenever I’m working with them.  This would be too easy.



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