So we ended up soaked this afternoon after doing some plating and some potting.  But it’s all good since it was a nice, slow soaking rain which made for a good day to do some work in the garden.  Tomorrow’s project is roses.

Random Thoughts for Friday Morning


We’re having “on again off/off again” rain today and it’s supposed to be this way until Wednesday of next week.  I can deal with it since it will make for some really good weather to work in my yard other than getting a tad damp.  I won’t shrink … which is really too bad since it would be a great way to lose some weight if it worked that way.

I’ve been wanting to have my yard aerated for the past couple years but I couldn’t find the controller covers for my yard irrigation system.  You knew of four and then found a fifth this Spring.  I had a tech come move one sprinkler head and we located the other two this morning.  It may not mean much to a lotta people but it’s a big thing for me.

Man, I opened a great bottle of Riesling last night.  It went down pretty good.  I don’t think it’s gonna last for too much longer.  Now I just hafta remember where I bought it.

It was nice not having to log on for work this morning.

My garden is looking pretty good.  I think it’s fascinating to learn a bit more on organic gardening so I don’t have to use chemicals. It’s a run to the feed & seed store today for a bale of straw.