5 Things To Do While Waiting For IT To Fix A Broken Program


1. Wander the hallways with a coffee cup in my hand.  Wait!  That’s just about a normal occurrence anywho.  Does this count?  Yeh, I’ll count it.

2.  Make a paperclip chain out of all of the paperclips that you have and then take it apart.

3. Shop on-line with Amazon.com.

4.  Read emails from the boss that you’ve been putting off because they either look boring, intrusive and/or may entail some level of work effort.

5.  Put a post on WP.

Thursday Morning

A big blow came through our area  at oh-dark-thirty this morning.  What does the “oh” stand for?  It stands for “Oh my God it’s too friggen early in the morning for even me to be up!” is what it stands for.  Anywho, it was howling and blowing and raining cats and dogs and a thundering and a lightning all over the place.  I’m hoping my garden is OK.  We’ll find out when I get home after work today.

So we had that going on here and what not.  Today is my Friday since I took tomorrow and next Tuesday off to have one long ass weekend.  I’m really, really not motivated to be here at work but what can you do?  The mortgage has to be paid and I’m not part of the rich and famous crowd like some of you.  Somehow we’ll manage to survive the work day.