Saturday Morning


Cars roll by on the main drag out back my house as the south metro area slowly wakes up.  God only knows where they’re off to this early on a Saturday morning.  Maybe they’re on their way to work and maybe they’re out spending money.  Who knows?

The birds are out back singing away.  I can hear the jets fly overhead as they’re on their way into MSP.  The male and female cardinal are still hanging around but I haven’t seen the Blue Jays in a long time.  The male Yellow Finches are back and I get several handsome guys at the feeders.

I left the front windows open last night and woke up to a very cool house.  I just didn’t want to get out from underneath those warm blankets by Miss Lily and Big Boy had to come into the bed room and explain how they were dying from the lack of food.

Like I said, it was a cool house this morning and damn if I could find my Aran sweater to help warm me up once I was up and out of bed.  A hoodie had to suffice until my morning coffee was brewed.  I guess I’m quite the sight with a crimson red hoodie and grey fleece sleep pants.

Regardless I sit here with a cup of coffee listening to the sounds of the south metro out my back door.  It’s getting too crowded here with too many new homes going up.  I wish they would slow that down but there’s a lot of money to be made building new homes here.  It kinda ruined the reason why I moved here in the first place.