5 for Friday


1. A bunny came to visit last night.  Why do I have this suspicion that it was thinking “I wonder what he will have on the menu this year in his garden?

2. I have to do a better job of posting.  I’ve been kinda slacking.

3. It’s Friday which means it’s haircut day!  I knew that would excite you almost as much as it excites me.  Please contain your enthusiasm.

4. I’m going to have visitors once again this weekend.  I think I’ll take them to the feed store.  I need some bird seed anywho so this would give me a chance for them to see the bunnies, the chicks and the kitties that they have.  It also would mean a stop at Dairy Queen on the way home.

5. Woo hoo!  Burpee’s shipped my sweet potatoes.  Than mean I have to start prepping the garden bed that I’m going to plant them in.  I’ll get the gummy’s to help me add more garden soil to the bed.  I just won’t tell them that the soil has cow manure mixed in with it.