Random Thoughts for Thursday Evening


The best part about today’s workday is it’s over and we really, really don’t wanna repeat a day like today.  On an interesting note was I found out that I was retirement eligible.  I’m not sure how I feel about this after finding out.  Do it take it and go do something else or hang on for now?

My lilacs are finishing off and my Bridal Veils are starting to bloom.  They will be a waterfall of white flowers fairly soon.  The peonies are next up after these.  That reminds me of when Momma told me that she used to call them “pineys” when she was a little girl.  I call them “pineys” when the gummys are around.  They like that name.

I gotta check the settings on my camera.  Something isn’t right.  I’ll figure it out soon enough.

I planted some more pumpkin seeds tonight after work.  There’s lots of time left for the plants to grow and hopefully bear some fruit.  We can always hope.