Friday Lunch Time


I think I’ll skip lunch today and go out for an early supper instead.  Mexican food is sounding almost perty good to me.  Too bad we don’t have a good Tex-Mex restaurant close by.

At least I got some inspiration for an elevated planter box.  It would be a great place for my herbs and for my green onions.  I just need some new implements of destruction and the materials and there ya go.

Five for Friday

1. I love seeing the rain fall but I’m ready for some sun once again.  I know, I know.  First I was complaining about the snow and ice and now I’m complaining about rain.  The young plants in my garden beds needs the sun.

2.  Speaking of my garden, it’s doing really well.  I’m hoping I’m just as happy with it come July.  I’m gonna need that bale of straw fairly soon.

3. This is a road trip weekend for me.  My nephew’s graduation party is this weekend and I’m rolling down home.  I’m hoping I can find something to take pics of while I’m there.  I’m also going to have to do my Art Sunday post and save it to draft so I don’t forget it.  Ugh!

4. I’m so not motivated to get any work done today.  That’s gonna make for a long day if I can’t get rolling.

5. Mmmmmm!  Coffee!  The elixir of life.  It’s good on a cool, grey and rainy central Minnesota morning.