Hump Day Morning Thoughts


This is not the 60’s.  This is not small town Iowa.  This is not a rural area.  This is however the metro area of central Minnesota.  Food comes from the grocery store or is grown by someone else so you can give them all of your money when buy stuff at a farmer’s market.  A couple sales people at  a local garden shop looked at me like I had corn growing out of my ears when I asked them last night if they had sweet potato slips.

Them:  “Slips?  What’s a sweet potato slip?”

Me:  “Ummmm.  They are the plants that you put in the ground to grow sweet potatoes.  Wait a minute.  Aren’t you ladies supposed to be the experts?”

Them:  “They actually sell something like that?  I usually get mine at the store.”

The other Them:  “Yeh.  I get mine at the organic grocery store.  There’s nothing like buying organic vegetables.”

Me:  “Ummmm.  Isn’t this a garden store where you sell plants and seeds and things like that so you can have a garden?  I called earlier and they said you had them.”

Them:  “Oh.  Well I’d have to ask the boss when she comes back in tomorrow.  Would you want the potato vine instead?  It would look great in your garden.”

Me;  “No thanks.  I want the plant that I can eat and not the one just to look at.”

Thank the Gods for the Burpees on-line web site.

The banging that you hear is me slowly beating my head against the wall after having to deal with the dazzling south metro urbanites.