Saturday Morning


You don’t want to know how early I woke up this morning.  You know how it goes.  You lay there telling yourself to sleep and your mind says “Hell no!  Wake up!  There’s no time to sleep!”  Maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s just my mind that does this sorta crap.

I rolled out of bed, slid some comfy pants on and strolled into the kitchen to get some coffee going all the while dodging two cats who were darting in between my legs.  God, they put up such a racket with their bellowing and crying and moaning and groaning about how abused and starved they were.  I went and fed them just to make them shut up.

So I’ve been sitting here since first light watching the world wake up around me.  The birds have been visiting the feeders.  A bunny was out nibbling on some clover (all the more reason to finish that fence today).  A squirrel decided that my feeders was its smorgasbord. I even had a duck that decided my roof was a good place to perch itself so it could survey the world from up there.

There were a surprisingly fair number of people fair number of people out in their cars and trucks on their way to who knows where.  I wondered why they were up and out and about so early on a Saturday morning.  They more than likely would have thought the same about me if they had seen me.

Sunlight is finally streaming in thru my front window.  My big red male cardinal is up in a tree just singing away as the sunlight covers him.  Maybe he’s telling me to get my tail in gear.