5 for Friday


1. So we move on from crab apple tree blossoms to lilac blooms.  Either is good by me since I love them both.  I used to pick hand fulls of lilacs for Momma back when I was a kid.  They smell so good.  I wish my bushes produced more blooms that they do.

2. God I love how warm it is out there today.  It’s a gorgeous 89F out there.  That would be a wonderful 32C for the rest of the world.  Too bad it’s gonna rain most of next week.  That’s good too because I love rain too.

3. It’s a fence building weekend for my two new raised garden beds.  Well, at least I have to get the one that we planted green beans in last weekend.  They’re gonna be coming up real soon given today’s weather.  I gotta get the fence up to keep the bunnies at bay.

4. I haven’t seen Foxy Loxy lately.  Now my neighbor’s chickens may think otherwise.  They were really raising hell the other morning when I was up and about my morning business.  I wonder if the fox found a access under the fence and found my neighbor had chickens?

5. I love it when FedEx or UPS drops something off at the front door.  It feels like Christmas opening up the packages.