I have 30 minutes before I take my life in my hands.


Then I have to start my commute which means I will be surrounded by Soccer Moms and Soccer Dads in mini vans and SUVs.  I hate that commute.  It’s why I get up so early and leave so early in the morning when it’s dark and most of these knotheads are still in bed sleeping soundly.  Some of these drivers around here are just plain nuts and scary and that’s just when the road conditions are perty good and not all sloppy from snow and ice.  Then they’re terrifying.

I kinda sorta adapted in a small way by just thinking “Bless their heart.” whenever some aggressive driver pulls up behind me and wants to push me down the road.  I just pull over and let them pass and then mutter my little saying.  Actually it really means “What an a**hole!” but I don’t think I can really use that kinda language around here on WP given there may be some older ladies and priests and even some kids around.  So I’ll just keep saying “Bless their heart.” for now even if they are a**hole drivers.