Tuesday Morning


So here I sit on a Tuesday morning … behind … again … because I didn’t get out of bed when I should have.  So I did some of that early morning stuff like yawn and sip on some coffee and read some emails trying to wake up.  And as usual, my emails are full of crap which ends up in me doing a delete, delete, delete thingee.  I’m good at that.

And the one thing I really, really love to delete are those stupid “Please take our survey” emails.  You know the ones.  You stay at a hotel and they send you an email afterwards asking you to rate your stay.  Or you go some place for something else and you get the same thing about whatever service they provided you.

I wouldn’t mind taking them if there were something in it for me but usually there isn’t.  My grocery store on the other hand gives me a chance at a $100 gift card (hey, I can dream) but nothing from these other clowns.  So “die, die, die!” survey request.  You got my money now leave me alone.  Unless you’re gonna give me something in return and that would be a different story.

5 responses to “Tuesday Morning

  1. Better to mark them as spam than delete. Eventually they all filter out and you have very few of those kinds of emails anymore.
    Oh and thanks, you reminded me that I had a cup of coffee sitting here. I forgot and it was heading down to “cold” lol

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