Random Thoughts for Hump Day


So someone finally showed up and let me in my office so I can get some coffee going and start going thru what?  Like a hunderty billionty emails that accumulated while I was out.  OK, so maybe there wasn’t a hunderty billionty emails waiting for me.  Maybe it was more like a hunderty thousandty.

I do like traveling but I hate feeling achy all over the day after I get home.  I feel like I’ve been smacked around a couple times by Mike Tyson.

Do you ever wonder why someone quits following your WP?  I don’t have a blog with thousands of followers so I tend to notice when people drop you.  Yeh, I get that this is blogging and it happens all the time where people quit blogging and/or lose interest with you and then move on with their lives.  I wonder if there would be any value with having a widget that goes something like …

“I quit following you because: (a) You’re boring; (b) Your photos suck; (c) I really could care less about your garden; (d) Any of the above; (e) _____________________ <— (fill in the blank)”

I blame Jason cuz I can.  Take that Mr. Ninja Man!!!


I had to grab the wrong set f keys this morning on the way out the door. bIt’s my spare set and it doesn’t have an office key on it. So here I sit waiting for someone to show up so they can unlock my office.  The coffee is good at least and it is awfully peaceful in the conference room. Maybe this isn’t so bad.