5 for Friday


1. I really hate posting from my work computer.  It’s slow, the connection stinks and I have firewall issues to contend with.

2. I’ve often wondered about these tracks that I pass every day that I walk to work.  My building is in an older part of downtown Minneapolis and I’m sure it used to be used by freight rail.  Still I wonder when it was used for the last time and if it was abandoned on site when the built the dome.

3. The early morning commute is sometimes extremely interesting.  I got to experience the joy of listening to two very inebriated women this morning.  Beer breath.  Ick!

4. One more raised bed to build this weekend and I’m done for now.  That just leaves filling the last two and going to town planting.  I think I’ll find some flowers that like full sun and fill it up.

5. I have a big ol’ bunny that’s visiting my backyard right now.  Foxy Loxy hasn’t found it nor have I seen it lately, but I’ve sure it’s around.  I’ll have to get that fence up on my green bean bed to keep bunny out of it and away from the young plants.  Some bunny got to last year’s green beans when they first started sprouting and it resulted in me having to replant.  Fortunately it was early enough in the season that I could do that and recover for the year.  I don’t want to repeat last season’s fiasco.