Thursday Morning


I love sleeping when it’s raining outside.  I also like waking up on time so I can get cleaned up and dressed on time so I can be out the door on time and down the road on time so I’m at the train platform on time and eventually at work on time.  What’s key to make all of this happen is to actually turn the clock alarm on so it goes off when it’s supposed to so you can make sure that the aforementioned critical items of my morning commute are done on time instead of rushing around the house like a mad fool.

But I guess that running around like a mad fool helps to keep life interesting.  And I have a fresh pot of coffee to sip on while I’m sitting here.  Where was I?  Oh yeh.

I like sleeping when it’s raining outside.

20 thoughts on “Thursday Morning

  1. I’ve gotten my morning routine down to a science. Frankly I don’t know why I have an alarm blow at 6:40 only to hit it twice before I decide to get up at 6:54; this gives me 6 minutes to stagger to the bathroom, and then down the steps to my computer screen … 🙂 sharply logging in at 7 AM whether I’m awake or not. Rainy days make it hard to want to get out of bed 🙂

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      1. That’s a good idea. That is what some people do here to of those who works in Stockholm. They don’t want the traffic, so they leave Trosa very early. “Pling”

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      1. Ah, well, I set my coffee to be ready when I get up, & even the cat knows not to bother me until it’s half-gone… I like the sense of solitude one feels at those times, and the brisk, clean air after a good rain…

        And, the coffee is a reward after the nice picture…



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