Hump Day evening


I like the first signs of growth in the garden.  It makes me actually think that winter is long gone and maybe just maybe we will keep Spring for at least one season.  That doesn’t happen too often in this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  That cold stuff tends to hang on and on and on and just make you half crazy until it finally leaves.  Then it feels like the next thing ya know it’s Summer.  I hate that.

Saturday is pumpkin seed planting day and maybe I’ll plant my green beans while I’m at it.  We have a couple cool days forecasted for next week but that’s alright given it pops right back to normal Spring weather.  That shouldn’t do a whole lot of anything other than slow down some seed germination but I can live with that.  All I know right now is the garden is going to explode in growth if we get some decent warm weeks.

Hump Day morning


There’s a real light mist of rain falling in downtown Minneapolis this morning.  Actually it was doing the same thing when I left my house this morning but I’m not at my house right now.  I’ve got 5 minutes of goof off time remaining before I have to act like I’m working for a living.  I’ll put some special emphasis on “act like I’m working” since I really don’t feel up to getting much done today.

I’m sure my supervisor will stop by sometime this morning and convince me that I really do need to get some work done today.  I wish he’d just stay in his office, drink his coffee and pay attention to more important details.  Like solving world peace, ascertaining the true meaning of life, why you can’t put a square peg in a round hole and maybe how we’re gonna get Hillary to be the first woman on the moon.  You know  … important crap like that.