Random Thoughts for Tuesday Afternoon


Things are greening up nicely around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  The trees are budding out, my bushes are going nuts and my garden is greening up too.  My strawberries are starting to leaf out and the peas that we planted last month are really starting to show.  There is lots of rain in the forecast for the next couple weeks.  That should make everything nice and lush come mid next month.

So the guys came to help me deal with my mouse problem.  We’ll know in the next couple of weeks how it actually goes.  It should be interesting to see if Big Boy brings me a dead one.  I’ll suspect Miss Lily actually killed it and he’s claiming the kill.  It’s too much work for him to actually do something like that.

I have a quick road trip to Baltimore to make Sunday.  It’s only a two dayer tho.  Maybe I can get that last raised bed built before I leave.  It would be nice to have my last two beds filled before the end of the month.  I’m still ahead of schedule but sure would like to take advantage of this weather.