5 Completely Useless Things About Me


1. I wanted to be a Catholic priest when I was young.  That is until I discovered girls.  I’ve concluded over time that it was a mucher betterer life choice.

2. I always carry a P38 can opener with me in my car wherever I go.  Ya never know when you may need that handy lil’ doohickey.

3. I’ve decided to leave the country if Hillary gets elected.  What the hell.  All sorts of people are saying they’ll leave if Trump gets elected.  Why leave her out of the conversation?

4. I love my MacBook. It loves me. We’re a happy family.  I cringe whenever I fire up my Dell desktop.  Windows updates.  Ick!  I don’t have that nightmare with Apple.

5. We have Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays.  How come WP doesn’t have a Pervy Monday?  I think I’d be great at it.  Wait a minute … would that be perving or stalking?