Monday Night

We just have to make it thru tomorrow if the weather forecast is accurate to any degree.  Then this front moves out and “normal” Spring weather moves in.  Maybe just maybe this will get us moving once again since Spring has been stalled for the past couple weeks.

Meanwhile back at the ranch …

I think we’ll turn the furnace up tonight.  It’s cool out there right now.

Monday Morning Blahs


I hate Monday mornings and I especially hate coming back to work after being gone for a week or so.  I’m so locked in e-mail jail right now and I’ll be out of it by noon with any luck.  There are reports to run and work thru.  There are a couple processes to write and a couple reviews to get done.  I have two briefings to give today and maybe one tomorrow that I wasn’t aware of until this morning.  Two more people announced that they were moving on.

Yes, I know right now you’re reading ‘blah, blah, blah, blah, blah” or something along those lines.

I was actually hoping some half nekked woman would walk in with a fresh pot of coffee and lock my office door behind her.  That didn’t happen so I’m relying on having to get my own coffee to perk me up.

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