Saturday Afternoon


It’s cool out there today but today’s big chore is done.  Well, sorta.  I forgot I had a second big chore today but at least this one is done.  And what was kinda cool to see was the peas that my grand and I planted around St. Patrick’s Day are starting to shoot.  It’s making me anxious to uncover my strawberry bed but that has to wait until the temps stabilize more than they have so I have to figure out some patience with that.  Regardless, my pea trellis should work just fine for a number of years.  Now I’m kinda sorta wondering if I can sneak in a couple green pepper plants to help fill the middle.

Saturday Morning


I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked why I get up as early as I do on weekend mornings.  Of course I always say it’s for the peace and quiet, which is true, and how the smell of fresh brewed coffee wakes me up as well.  But somehow they don’t get the rest of it when I try to explain it to them.

Like how the sun bathes the front room in yellow light when it rises first thing in the morning.  I get maybe 5 – 10 minutes of this before it disappears.  That’s not a lot of time to grab a shot to capture golden sunlight.

Or how seeing how deserted the main street is out behind my place.  It’s eerily quiet sometimes.  It would be interesting to go out and get a ground level shot or two or three after first light and before people start rushing around like ants.

Well, no matter.  I’ll just sit ad enjoy my weekend coffee before it’s chore time.