Five for Friday

IMG_0004-XL1. Yeh, that is what you think it is.  The only good thing about this time of year it doesn’t last very long.  What I miss the most are the Aprils that I had when I was a kid growing up in southern Iowa.  They were a lot warmer than here in central Minnesota.

2. I did get some work done on one of my garden beds despite the “cool” weather out there.  I’ve got a run to my store of dreams sometime tomorrow to pick up some materials to finish off this other small project since it’s a great “cool weather” project.

3. I actually went to Caribou this morning for some coffee.  I felt like such a dumbass not knowing anything about the fancy coffee that they sell.  I have no idea what this “triple shot of mocha something and add a shot of whatever and steam some milk” or some other damn.  All I wanted was coffee black with cream and sugar.  They actually sold it too.

4. Training is done and it’s back to work next week.  I wonder how far behind I am and just how long it will take me to catch back up.

5. This is one of those nights I would like a grilled cheese sammich and a bow of tomato soup.  Unfortunately I don’t have any tomato soup in the house if you can imagine that.  What is this world coming to?