Thursday Night


No, you don’t even want to know what time I’ll be getting up in the morning so I can give someone a ride to the airport.  At least I can start my coffee on the way out the door and enjoy it when I get back.  So it will be an early sack out time for this kid tonight so I won;t be bumbling and stumbling tomorrow.  At least no more than usual that it.

God, I can’t believe how cold it will be out there tomorrow morning.  Someone give Mother Nature some speeders or something and get her to fire up some Spring for a change.

I love my Spam


I love my spam mail.  I’m so glad our friends up north are so willing to sell me cheap pharmaceuticals.  Where would I be without their help?  I know exactly where I’m headed whenever the zombie apocalypse happens.  Yep, straight north to Canada land – home of plentiful and cheap drugs.

And the number of ladies that want to hop in the sack with me is astounding.  Holy moley!  I can’t believe most of them singled me out based upon my Facebook page alone!  Wait, let’s get past that not having a Facebook page thingee.  That’s immaterial.  What do they really want???  Obviously they want my bread recipe.

Thursday Morning


It’s nice sitting here in the wee hours of the morning sipping on a cup of coffee an killing some time before I have to get cleaned up.  The big downside to doing training this week is I’m out of my office and that’s putting me behind down that lane.  The other is I’m slacking here because I’m getting home much later than I usually do.

Oh well.  c’est la vie!

The morning coffee is warm and is blonde and sweet.  We do what we can with everything else.  I’ll be optimistic and think it will all work out in the end.