Sunday Evening


The sun has gone down leaving the half-light of whatever remains of daylight.  What remains is fading fast as the outside temperature drops.  The house stills smells of pot roast even though the last load in the dish washer has been removed and put away.  Another weekend is over.

Art Sunday #68: George Ștefănescu – Arlechinii (“Harlequins”)


George Ştefănescu-Râmnic (20 April 1914 – 29 October 2007) was a contemporary Romanian painter.

Radu Carneci wrote of him in 1984:

George Ştefănescu is a great colorist who dares bring together intense colours, as though recalling the fauvistes’ age. He does it with a secret harmony descended from both the knowledge of the graphics’ progress and from the inheritance creatively used, of painting on glass and other folk Romanian arts.

Thus, the painter has reached a synthesis of the artistic work, with the colour, though important as it is, left in the second plane, meant to support and illustrate the idea.

In this case, the colour plays the same part as with flowers – luring us so that we may better feel their essences, their fragrance.