Random Thoughts for Friday Night


One more garden bed done and just waiting to be taken outside.  I think I’ll grow pumpkins in this one even though I don’t know anything about growing pumpkins.  I guess we’ll learn one way or another.

I like the smell of sawdust and wood.  It would be cool to be able to afford to have a wood shop with all of the power tools and other implements of destruction that I’d like to have.  I’m not sure it would keep me out of trouble tho.

The gummys will be here tomorrow.  I think we shall do a little digging in the dirt so they can look for some worms.  It won’t hurt to turn the soil anywho.

It feels good just to sit here and watch the last of daylight fade away as the day ends and the nighttime sky comes upon us.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had a cloudless night.  I’m hoping we have one tonight.


April Fool’s Day


April. I love the month of April.  It’s always meant  to me that the cold was gone, trees were budding, tulips were starting to come up and violets could be found … if you were lucky.  It also meant rain and lots of it in southern Iowa.  That’s OK.  I like rain.  It warshes everything off to make it nice and clean once again.  All of the winter muck and dirt could be wiped clean in a decent rain or two.

Everything feels like it’s alive and awakening once again around here.