Saturday Morning


We have overcast skies out there this morning.  It’s not unusual for this time of year.  Winters stay long and Springs are typically short for this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  But would like to see some consistent blue skies and sunshine once again and to give Mother Nature a boot in the butt so she will quit stalling on Spring around these parts.  It gets old.  Real old.

So I sit here making mental notes on what I need to get done for this last day of April.  I know I’m ahead of schedule on some things and on schedule with the rest but I would like to finish up on the balance by next weekend.  That will leave my garden mostly done with leaving the tomatoes and the sweet potatoes for Memorial Day weekend.

That leaves my yard that I neglected last year and am paying for now.  I’s going to be a long summer with that problem.  I’ll get it fixed but it’s gonna be a PITA and a PITA I could have avoided had I actually got off my hiney last summer and did what I was supposed to do.  Oh well.  Live and learn I guess.

So here I sit in the meanwhile sipping on my Saturday morning coffee and watching the birds return once again to my feeders.  We send April 2016 packing off into memory tonight.

5 for Friday Morning


1. Dawn broke cold and wet in this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  The wind and the rain did some but not a lot of damage to my crab apple tree blossoms.  They’re still looking OK and I’m waiting for them to open and for the fragrance.  I can’t decide which smell that I like better:  these blossoms or lilacs.

2. I have lensitis.  It’s a disease with a nasty side effect; you need to have multiple lenses for your camera.  It’s an addiction.  Thank God for on-line shopping.  I’ll get my fix that way.

3. I get to go to the compost yard after work for another load of garden soil so I can fill the last two new garden beds.  It will be nice to get them filled and start to get the dirt settled so I can plant in them.

4. The gummys are coming to visit this weekend and they want to do some planting.  Fortunately I can accommodate that with planting some seeds for some bush beans.  hey call it “farming” which always cracks me up.

5. The yard sprinkler system is now turned on and is up and running for the season.  Now I just need some warm weather so I can get some yard work done.