Monday Evening


The work day started out well.  I actually was getting some things done.  Then I get an I that went something like :

“What time are you coming in?  We have that briefing starting at 1:00.  You didn’t forget did you?”

Of course not.  I’ve just been a bit …. tied up.  I’ll be in by 11:00 if not earlier.”

Momma would not have been happy with me telling a little white lie even if I thought that they didn’t hurt anyone.  So much with working from home today.

Monday Morning


We have roller coaster temps now.  Up and down and up and down.  March will end like that and April will continue with it for quite a while.  No “April showers brings May flowers” in central Minnesota.  This is what we get for living a tad further north than most in the US of A.  There will be lotsa 5C – 12C for the next couple of weeks.