Thursday Evening


It was snowing hard and heavy here last night.  There were times when I looked out the window and wondered if Spring will ever come to my part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  I have to admit that what we had yesterday is normal for this time of year for central Minnesota even tho I really hate to admit it.  Nine inches of heavy, wet white stuff was dumped on my yard.  That’s about 23CM if you really wanna know.

But it’s OK.  The upside is it is melting and starting to disappear and tomorrow night and Saturday brings a promise of some rain.  That will knock down a good part of what remains.  the balance?  It will get the ol’ schnitzola come Easter Sunday or Monday.


I just want to take a moment …

To personally thank Winter for delivering yesterday’s late season snow storm.  Yes, that was a lot of fun driving home in that wet and heavy snow and being among the endless hordes of Minnesota drivers who decided to panic because it was snowing.  God forbid they stay calm even tho they grew up here and have always driven in this stuff.  But silly me kinda sorta expects them to actually know what they are doing behind the wheel of their rides.  I guess I’m just goofy that way.

The downside is I get to look out over an ocean of white once again and clear all that crap off of my deck and drive.  The upside is it won’t last long since temps are moving up and it’s loaded with a ton of water which will add to the moisture level in my garden.  So there is a silver lining to these clouds that just passed thru.

But next time keep this crap in the Denver and Omaha areas.