Random Thoughts for Friday Morning


My hopes and dreams and aspirations of being a top bracket picker for the NCAA basketball tournaments have once again been dashed and bashed to pieces.  Two more of my picks crashed and burned last night.  I did OK so far with 12 out of 16 right but there’s no Yahoo March Madness fortune and glory here this year.

Yes, it’s a dusting of that white stuff outside this morning.  It’s doing that cuz it’s too cold to rain.  Yes, it’s normal for central Minnesota for this time of year.  Yes, it’s a rather brisk -1C out there right now.  Ugh!

At least we made it to Friday with all of our pieces and parts.

I’m once again looking at a new camera and maybe this coming Fall I can make it happen since I am vacation-less this year.  Maybe you can have one thing if you can’t have the other.

It’s time to quit goofing off and get back to work.