It’s a mint chip ice cream kinda Saturday evening.  The weather was a wonderful 19C and the sun felt wonderful on my face.  So yeh I spent some time outside today doing some chores and just basking in the warmth of the sun.  I don’t know how long this will last but we’re enjoying what were given for the moment.

I’m sitting here with the windows open for the first time since last October letting the fresh air flow in an overwhelm me.  You can here the sounds of several robins chirping away.  I completely forgotten one had built  nest under my deck and now I suppose I’ll have a second one before the month is out.

March can be a disappointing month for central Minnesota.  It teases us with warm weather and then it dashes hopes with a blast of Arctic weather.  One day it’s warm and sunny and then another day it’s grey and rainy.  You go to bed with rain and you wake up to some white stuff on the ground and the roads all messed up.  Let’s hope NOAA is right this year about March being a warmer that average month.

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