Friday Night


This was the easiest garden bed than I’ve made so far.  I tell ya, Google is your friend and it helps find you lots of great ideas and better ways of doing things.  All I need to do now is put in a couple galvanized plates to keep the sides from separating and throw on a coat of Thompson’s waterseal.  Two more should be easy peasy to put together and have them all ready by early April.

And woo hoo! it looks like my asparagus transplant went OK.  I’ve notice new shoots starting to come up out of the ground where I transplanted them to.  I was kinda worried that I killed them when I transplanted them last December.  Knock on wood they all continue to do well.

Our March continues to look like it will be warmer than usual.  The weather has got me in the mood to start buying seeds and definitely putting down on to paper what is going to go where and what exactly will go in the ground.  I checked the soil in one of my beds this afternoon.  It’s still cold and it’s still frozen down deep but it’s damp and what isn’t frozen clumps together nicely.  I need to get a bag of cow manure and get out a fork to start breaking up the ground and working it in.

Yeh, I’m chomping at the bit to get going.  It’s been a long winter but the day ended nicely.  The skies were blue and the sun was out.  The robins are back in abundance and I’m waiting for my finches to return.  Rain is forecasted for Sunday and Monday.  Maybe we’ll hear some actual thunder.


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