Randon Thoughts for Thursday


It’s all kinds of grey and suck out there this morning.  My sinuses don’t help but that will pass in due time.  I measure happiness lately by saying I can now feel my ears unplug.  Weird huh?  It’s good to have  ton of sick time on the books so I can take a break.

There sure are a lot of authors and aspiring authors on WP.

It definitely feels like early Spring around here.  Yeh, it’s grey and cool and rainy out there but that’s the March weather that I’m used to. The temps still shift back and forth but the temps creep higher now when they shift to warm.  I think the Almanac will be right in as much as I think we will have a warmer than normal March and April.  It’s making me anxious to dig in some dirt.  I’d like to see some rain and hear some thunder once again.

That means I’m off to the store of my dreams tomorrow evening.  The weather is supposed to be good for Friday and Saturday and it’s a good time to do some work in the garage.  I think I’ll try a new style of bed to build this time.  I think it will be easier and maybe even a tad cheaper.  I like cheap.