Wednesday Morning


Write something.  Stop.  Sip some coffee or some juice.  Delete, delete, delete.  Start over.  Write something more.  Stop again.  Overly critique what I just wrote down.  View it as sounding negative.  Delete, delete, delete.  Start over once again.  Sip some more coffee.  Rinse and repeat multiple times.

Drink some more coffee.  Ponder on what else to write.  Read a work email.  Realize I’ve become distracted yet again.  Ask myself “What the hell am I gonna put down on a post???”  Realize I’m not getting anywhere fast.  Take another sip of coffee. Ponder on how well the coffee tastes this early in the morning.  Realize that once again I was distracted.

Write down a couple mores sentences.  Don’t like the way they sound when I read them back in my head.   Delete, delete, delete and re-write.  Ask myself “Is it really this hard to put some thoughts down?”  Realize that I’m not focusing … again.