Random Thoughts on Hump Day


Miss Anna was curious what creatures I had in the upper half of my window after seeing last Saturday’s pic.  I have a number of these little Dollar Store solar powered thingees that just swing merrily away in my window.  The gummy’s like to watch them and they are almost soothing like a clock with their “tick tick tick” back and forth.  One tends to walk every now and then and comes crashing down on to the lower part of the window.  I’ve put those little rubber bumpers on the bottom of some of them to put a stop to that.  They keep me entertained.

We are solidly locked in the ‘in betweens” since we’re in between winter and spring.  There are so many people hacking and coughing at work and spreading their germs around.  Yeh, I’m catching it from them as well.  There’s not much you can do about it other than dress warm, drink lotsa fluids, get plenty of rest, take some meds and then just let it run it’s course.  I’m gonna put a sign on my office door that says “Sickees stay away!

I look at the recent elections and who are the leading candidates for President and I’m pretty much convinced that we have lost our minds.  God save us from ourselves.

Wow!  I forgot this was “Here’s your pay to stay away from the Air Force” pay day today.

There’s been one squirrel running across the berm in my backyard.  I know doggone well that it’s doing reconnaissance and gathering intel on whether I’m willing to keep them away from my bird feeders or not.  I know he’s telling his buddies “Yeh, he’s still around and yeh, he’s still got his air rifle.

Baked fish sounds pretty good for supper tonight.  I can kill that opened bottle of wine while I’m at it.