Tuesday Morning


I’m sitting here typing this out realizing that there are people that I work with that are still in bed.  And here I sit at my desk going over emails and such.  “Typing”.  Do we actually “type” any more?  I mean I usually don’t type in the sense that I’m sitting my happy ass down in a chair and loading some paper in an actual typewriter.  Which thinking about that now causes me to think that’s kinda sorta strange because I remember using a word processor as well.  Weird.  That or I just dated myself.

What’s the point of all of this?  Well, there isn’t one.  There’s just some weird shot going thru my head at 5:21 AM on a Tuesday morning when it’s snowing … UGH! … yes, that white crap is falling from the sky here.  I so hate that white crap right now.  God I don’t live right.  I must be paying for any number of sins that I may or may not have committed in my youth; not that I would admit to them anywho but that’s not the point either.

So  here I now sit with my first cup of the elixir of life for the morning trying to focus and get really motivated with getting my tasks for the day done.  To be honest with ya, this motivation this aint working for me.  Maybe I’ll just sit here and attempt to look like I’m busy.  I think my motto for the day will be …

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” 

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      • I did not, I noticed I was not getting any notices of new stuff and then I went to your page and it said “Follow” like I wasn’t following you so I hit Follow again and now I am following you. I think before I was stalking you 🙂 Do you REALLY think you can get rid of me so easily? lol I will be chasing after ya till I die or till they shut down the twilight zone !

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