I’m so ready for some Spring


It would be nice to be back in Spain right now.  Spain or any place warm for that matter.  But I’ll go with Spain right now cuz I could go for some really good sangria right now.  That and going to a couple really good tapas bars.  Damn, that was some really good food.

It’s been a long winter and I’m ready for some warm breezes, warm sunshine and green plants.  I really miss green right now.  It’s amazing how your mind can hunger for a colour after it’s missed it for a while.

15 responses to “I’m so ready for some Spring

  1. It’s been around 80 here lately, but then I live in the land of eternal summer. I have not seen the robins passing through yet. Last year they were here on February 25th (I happened to take pictures and that was the date) So, not sure what that means for the frozen tundra. Maybe they took a different route and by-passed me and are almost there 🙂

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  2. I’m missing the green of Spring too! it was nearly 70 today though in my neck of the woods, now at 10 PM its raining…daughter and son-in-law are at a local hospital waiting for their new arrival…a sweet little boy soon to be born for all of us to love! 🙂

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