Thursday Morning

I audited a contract yesterday and found it was an award from hell.  Yeh, I realize that being a bureaucrat and going thru an endless pile of US Government contract files is something that everyone aspires to  and can’t wait to jump right in a dig.  I know that’s right at the top of your bucket list along with giving your mother-in-law a foot massage.  OK, someone has to do it and I’m one of the lucky fools that gets to do it.  Where was I?  Oh yeh.

So I was digging through this file because it showed up on a higher level audit.  The manager in question fed me one of the best lines of BS and malarkey that I’ve ever heard when I challenged him on his decisions.  Yeh it was some BS and malarkey but it was some really good BS and malarkey so I have to give him some credit.  The problem is it doesn’t get us out of a huge audit finding and … yes there is an “and” …  my boss isn’t publically backing me like he should.  But oh wait!  This manager said he was simply following advice from those above us.

Let angel trumpets now sound since there appears to be a silver lining in the clouds.

OK higher headquarters, you guys caused this so own up and excuse this.

I know damn well what they’re gonna do when they read my email.  They’re gonna throw this guy right under the bus and claim he misrepresented their direction.  I’m gonna love watching this happen.  That and it will save me the time of having to argue with this guy.

Isn’t there some phrase about karma when you have a situation like this?  Maybe Lennon can come smack him a few times with a keyboard.  She has pent up aggression right now anywho.

Wednesday Night


It was one of those days that I was just plain happy to get away from work.  So we decided that going out for something to eat sounded much more appealing versus fixing something to eat.  That and I could take my camera with me while I was at it.  This used to be small town Minnesota.  It still is until people started escaping the outer ring burbs and moved south of the metro.  Too bad housing flowed this way as well.  It’s not ruined so far but I wonder how long it will take.  Hopefully not in my lifetime but I don’t count on it.

Wednesday Morning


I can deal with rain.  Hopefully my shoes won’t get too wet when I go to lunch.  That will be a real pain having wet shoes and wet socks for the afternoon.  We’ll deal with it since it’s way better than what we had last week around this time.  That was a total PITA.