Thursday Night


It’s cold and grey out there tonight.  God, that sounds so incredibly boring.  It’s always cold and grey out there.  I still decked myself out in a hoodie versus a coat when I started my evening chore.  That ended up clearing the deck of over 12″ of snow.  This is one of those chores that I have to be careful with.  I have to do this by hand one scoopful of snow at a time.  So I take my time when I do this chore.

I think too much sometimes when i do these types of chores.  I think about the colour of the sky.  Then I think about how the ducks sound when they fly by and how the air sounds when it whistles thru their feathers.  I think about how the air feels on my face and then I wonder if it’s turning red from the cold.

Forty five minutes later it’s all done to include cleaning off the stairs.  The ducks are still flying around and I’m thinking about getting something to eat.

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