Monday Morning

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything in my office building.  I’m usually not the first person in the building any more now that one of the guys that I work with likes to slide in early to work out in the small gym down in the basement.  But not this morning.  The place was dark and quiet and sleeping when I arrived this morning.

It was close to 4:50 AM when I walked thru the front doors and made my way across the main floor.  I stopped to fish out my mag card for the elevator when I clearly heard footsteps coming across the tile floor.  I looked up to see who was coming my way and there was nothing.  These were different than the ones that I’ve heard before.  These footsteps sounded more like the sounds a lady’s high heels make with their tap-tap-tap across a tile floor.  The footsteps that I’ve heard before were always heavy like a man’s boots or heavy shoes walking across the floor.

I turned my “Ghost Radar” app on my iPhone just for fun when I unlocked my office door.  It suddenly came alive with words like “forgive”, “patience”, “perfume”, “bag” and a few others that I would normally associate with being my feminine versus masculine.  And then it stopped.  There’s been no activity for the past half hour.

I think something just wanted to let me know that it (or they) was still here.



February is almost done and March looks like it will come in like a lion.  That white stuff is falling from the sky right now.  It’s falling cuz it’s too cold to rain.  Then I took a look at the weather forecast for the week and yesterday’s teaser weather was just that; a teaser.  The Ice Maiden doesn’t want to give up her grip on us just yet.  My countdown to snow out still shows another month.  I’d like to push it along and hurry it up but it will go in it’s own good time.

So we’ll stay indoors today with maybe the exception for a quick run to the market.  My house smells like fresh bread now that I’m done baking a couple loaves of bread and it will smell like pizza soon enough from yesterday’s leftover lunch with the kids.  There’s something about some leftover pizza if you reheat it right.