Month: January 2016

Smooth Jazz Sunday Evening #52: Marc Antoine – Sunland

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A thought for Sunday

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Art Sunday #60: Gosta Adrian-Nilsson – Acrobats in Paris

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Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (2 April 1884 in Lund – 29 Mars 1965 in Stockholm), usually referred to as GAN, was a Swedish artist and writer. He is regarded as a pioneer of the Swedish modernist art movement.

GAN debuted as an artist 1907 with an exhibition at the Art Museum of the University of Lund. After studies at Zahrtmann’s School in Copenhagen, he traveled year 1914 to Berlin to study modernism. Through the writer Herwarth Walden’s gallery Der Sturm he came in contact with the contemporary art movements. Both Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc were of huge importance when he began developing a semi-abstract style with deep, vibrant colors, an own style of expressive cubism. He was fascinated by modern technology and masculine strength, which was reflected in his artistic works.



Saturday Night

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It’s been a quiet Saturday.  I kinda like days like today.  My oldest dropped by with one of the gummys in tow to say “Hi” and to have some lunch with me.  We ran an errand, refilled the heated bird bath and refilled the bunny feed bowl.  Bunny has been busy and managed to clean out the bowl last night.  The last chore for the day was to check the bird feeders and to take a couple pics since daylight was fading fast.

It still gets dark quickly around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  And it doesn’t help that the skies are overcast once again.  Tomorrow and Monday promise to be sunny but lookout Tuesday with its forecast of snow.

Saturday Morning

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We’re now in “the dirty part of winter”.  The snow has lost it’s luster.  It’s snowed, melted and snowed some more and melted some more.  The cycle repeated itself several times since the beginning of December.  And here we are two months later into the season with the end result being gray and dirty ice on ground and in the streets and crunchy and grayish snow covering the ground.  There are two more months of this left.  This is how winter cycles thru central Minnesota.  It’s part of the game played if you’re going to live here.

A little infusion of cash helps my mood tho.  I went off to my store of dreams last night to pick up some materials so I can remodel my downstairs bathroom.  The demo will be a bit of a pain as will the rebuild.  This was a “sweat equity home” that I bought from the original owners.  They didn’t put a whole lot of sweat into their equity.  I spend a lot of time correcting their mistakes whenever I redo something.  They went on the cheap when they finished the downstairs using drywall nails instead of drywall screws.  I’m sure I’ll be pulling a good number of nails and replacing them with screws before I finish prepping the wall for new paint.

It will help kill some time until Spring.  That and college basketball.  I miss my sun, blue skies and warm breezes.  I love turning my face towards the sun whenever it manages to pop out from behind the clouds.  I love feeling the warmth of the sun upon my face.  The the ice maiden smiles and blows a short breeze to cold Minnesota winter air in my direction to remind me where I live.  It felt good while it lasted regardless of how little time I was given.