Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


I like how they forgot how to drive in this stuff.  That and to remember to set their clocks to go off earlier so they can leave earlier.  The roads to downtown are gonna be so clogged.  I’m glad that I’m working from home today.  Backed up traffic like this is the reason why I leave so early in the morning.

The girls once again wanted to steal a bear from under the Christmas tree.  I let them take one to bed with them Saturday night but they couldn’t take it home.  Needless to say they were not too pleased with me when they went home.

Someone forgot to plug in the bird bath.  I have 4″ of snow piled up on it.

At least the snowblower fired up … and then quit … and then fired up once again … and quit again … and fired up yet again … and quit again … and then fired up one more time and stayed fired up as I pumped gas to it.  It was good to go after that.

Good bye green grass.  We’ll see you come April.