Random Thoughts for Hump Day

a_message_to_all_the_stores_are_ready_putting_up_christmas_decorations_540I can’t say that I like this new media tool one little bit.  I don’t find it “user friendly” if that would be a good way of saying it.  Then again, I am at work and our network is so locked down that a flea couldn’t get a fart by the firewall.  Ok, maybe that was a little over the top.  But I don’t like how it looks, feels and how it works.  I prefer the previous version of the media tool  Not that WordPress would ever listen to me.

It’s dead around here.  Lots of office doors closed and extremely quiet.  One would think that this is a Government office.  Oh wait.  It is a Government office.  Disregard.  I think that maybe today is a good day to catch up on some expired on-line training.  It’s gonna be boring around here anywho.

I had one wild and weird ass dream last night that someone’s husband was gonna shoot me in the head simply because I was hanging around with a guy that was fooling around with his wife.  I gotta make a “Note to Self” on that one to avoid half the GIs that I know.  Damn trouble makers.  Yanno, that’s kinda weak coming from a hooligan.

It’s gonna be Go-Go-Go once I get home tonight.  There is lots to do when I hit that front door.  I’ve got a turkey to brine, stuffing to prep and gravy to make ahead.  I have people to feed come Thursday.