Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


Yesterday was one of those days that’s best left in the past.  Today is a new day, so let’s just move forward from here.

And at least the weather is cooperating with us once again.  One area that concerns me is the lack of forecasted snow for our area.  Yes I used the “s” word but that’s the stuff that fills our lakes and provides the moisture for Spring planting.  I’m not too sold on the Global Warming concept but I am sold on the concept that we should leave this world cleaner than what we found it for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Is anyone other than me looking at all of these Presidential hopefuls and thinking “Good God!  Which is the lesser of all evils from this group of knuckleheads?”  Maybe it’s just me.

So it’s the Tuesday before the U.S. Thanksgiving.  Tonight I start prepping for dinner at my place on Thursday.  I fortunately outsourced a number of things for people to bring and I don’t have too many things that I need to do.  Boogie is coming over early Thursday morning with her beau and I’ll put her to work helping me right after breakfast.  Yes I have a couple bottles of wine set aside for dinner.  I know at lest one of them will be polished off.

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  1. Sounds like a great time to me! The rest of us schmucks have to work…. I think my “dinner” will be a turkey sandwich and chips. A Holiday favorite around the RV! Redneck special!

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