Great Continental Railway Journeys


I get quite a kick out of watching this on the Twin Cities PBS.  I love watching as Michael Portillo makes his way across Europe.  And I especially love it when he visits some place and I end up saying out loud “I’ve been there!”  But then again, I have an insatiable wanderlust and I could go broke traveling Europe.

I am and have always been fascinated by Europe, its customs, it’s culture and more importantly, it’s food and spirits.  Bear in mind that one very unpalatable truth is I will never be a sommelier but it will never stop me from trying out as many varieties and bottles that I can find.  Give me a passport and a method of paying off a VISA and I’d travel all over Europe like this guy has.

Saturday Morning


I was screwing around this morning playing with different settings to see how I could play with light and shadows.  Miss Lily even helped out a bit and offered herself up as a model.  I think she was more interested in sitting up high so she could see if any bunnies were out and about in her yard.

The sun is rising nicely over what used to be central Minnesota farmland.  There has been two nice size flocks of geese pass overhead as they’re on their way out to feed this morning.  They’re still around since the ponds and lakes haven’t frozen over yet.  That won’t last too much longer.  My bird bath froze over the other night since I forgot to plug it in and I know it’s a fair indicator of what is to come.

It’s cold out there this morning.  I don’t even want to look at the temps right now.  It was cold when I got out of bed and I turned on the fireplace to take the chill out of the air.  Big Boy is down there spread out in front of it soaking in as much as he can as he tries to melt into the carpet.  To do anything else would be like work and God forbid he does anything make him expend any effort of exert himself.  No, I think he’s saving all of his energy for something but God only knows what for.

I got up to refill my coffee cup and I noticed that my ever faithful chickadees were visiting me.  I have no clue as the where the cardinals went to and if they’ll ever return this winter.  I’ll just keep refilling the feeders and keep the bird bath full of water and home that they show up sometime.  At least the squirrels are gone (for now) and I should get the regular crowd of Minnesota winter birds this year.